Wounded dog found in Buxton


BUXTON — Police are seeking the public’s help in an investigation of two dogs who were shot Thursday, April 12, in Buxton. One dog was transported to an animal clinic to be treated and another wounded dog that had fled was located Friday morning, police said.

Police Chief Troy Cline said in a press release that on Friday, April 13, at approximately 8:20 a.m., officers responded to Frugal Farmers, 293 Rankin Road, for a report of a pit bull sitting in their parking lot. “When the business owner and employees attempted to approach the canine, it growled at them,” police reported Friday morning.

“Officer Hunter Smith and Animal Control Officer  Adele Jones responded to the business and located the pit bull. It was positively identified as the missing pit bull from yesterday’s shooting incident. The pit bull had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to its hindquarters and tail. These wounds do not appear to be life-threatening.”

Police said one of the dog’s owners, Brian Lamontagne, 34, arrived on scene and took possession of the pit bull and will be seeing that it receives veterinary care.

Cline said in an earlier press release April 12 said officers responded about 2 p.m. to 43 Fifield Drive where they met with Joanne Lamontagne, 59, owner of the dogs. Officer Scott Camire and Cline at the property examined an injured dog that appeared to be a Pitbull.

“The dog was still bleeding from numerous wounds and they all appeared to be from a firearm,” Cline said in the press release.

Camire transported the dog to the Emergency Animal Clinic on Warren Avenue in Portland for treatment, the press release said.

Officer Keith Waltz arrived at the scene, police said, and learned that a second Pitbull had also been shot and took off before the owners could catch it. Waltz reported that no one in the neighborhood witnessed the shootings but someone heard what were described as gunshots.

“Witnesses reported seeing the missing canine in the area of 1166 River Road but stated that it had fled into the woods when they tried to catch it,” the press release said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Buxton Police Department at 929-5151 or 929-6612 and ask for Animal Control Officer Adele Jones or Waltz.

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