You can’t trust council to do what’s right

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In response to the article published on June 8, 2016.

I disagree with Mr. Donovan and his assertion that the citizens of Scarborough should trust the Town Council to do what’s right for the community.

This year’s school and municipal budgets are exactly why we cannot not trust the council to do what’s in the citizens best interest.

The school budget is a sham and as has been pointed out by others would be even higher if the money left over from the borrowing for the Wentworth School wasn’t included.

The municipal budget includes more public employees that we don’t need. I refer specifically to the Assistant Town Manager and Sustainability Coordinator jobs which are a waste of taxpayer funds. I have no problem with the other positions.

Especially from a town that a few years back told the citizens that they could not afford the swipe fees for credit card payment of property taxes and other municipal fees.

I do however agree with Mr. Donovan on one thing. Both budgets should be handled the same way.

We should vote on both the school and municipal budgets. This way we can have better control in both areas and keep the council from never ending spending and tax increases which we can ill afford.

Jon Spinner